YouTac Textile for Aqueous Printers


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YouTac Textile for Aqueous Printers
Product Description
High white aqueous ink compatible adhesive textile, featuring YouTac intelligent adhesive, repositionable, removable and leaves no
residue on non-porous and many porous surfaces.
Additional Sizes are available on request, subject to order quantity.
Conditions of Use
• The recommended climate for storage of all media is 15–20°C, relative
humidity of 40–60%. Always store in original packaging, out of direct
sunlight and protected from moisture. Print room conditions should be
in the range of 15-30°C, 30–65% relative humidity.
All recommendations are for your guidance only. These are subject to our test criteria, which
remain subject to change without prior notice.
Repositionable & Removable.
* This is recommended as a starting point
Handling, Use and Storage
• For best results use only on firm, sound painted surfaces.
• If unsure of the surface quality, make a small test print before
applying to a large area.
• Do not apply to varnished wood without testing a small area first.
• Results will vary on highly textured or porous surfaces.
• Return unused material to the original packaging for safe storage.
• Remember to remove this product from the printer and secure the roll
with tape after your job is complete.
• If applying to a freshly painted surface, allow the paint to fully dry
before installation (check paint manufacturers instructions for drying
• For porous, textured, rough or unpainted surfaces we recommend
applying a test print for 48 hours before a longer term installation. If
the material shows signs of unsticking from the surface, we suggest
that you do not continue with a large scale installation without
preparing the surface.
• After printing, do not stack prints on top of each other before they
are fully dry.

Rolls (30.5m/100ft Length, 3″ Core) 17″, 24″, 36″, 42″, 60″
Basic Weight (gsm) inc. Release Liner 280 Basic Weight (gsm) ex. Release Liner 170
Media Thickness (µ) inc. Release Liner 300 Media Thickness (µ) ex. Release Liner 160
Media Thickness (Inches) inc. Release Liner 0.464 Media Thickness (Inches) ex. Release Liner 0.062
Base Material Polyester Fabric
Coating Type Water Based (Aqueous) Ink Receptive Coating
Surface Texture Smooth Matte Textile Weave
Whiteness (CIE) 150.0
Brightness (TAPPI) inc. Release Liner 100.85 Brightness (TAPPI) ex. Release Liner 107.52
Opacity (%) inc. Release Liner 89.7 Opacity (%) ex. Release Liner 75.1
Media Setting* Banner
Recyclable Yes

• Indoor and Outdoor Display
• Large Scale Wall Graphics
• Temporary Signage
• Repositionable Posters
• Wall Art
• Décor
• Exhibitons/Trade Show Graphics
• High White
• Superior Print Quality
• PET Dimensionally Stable Fabric
• Porous Surface Allows For Easy Removal Of Air Bubbles
• Eco-Solvent, Latex and UV Ink Compatible
• Tear Resistant
• Adhesive Leaves No Residue
• Sticks To All Non-Porous and Many Porous Surfaces
UPC SKU Part Number Grade
0-18852-80002-0 80002 IYT-101-0432-30.5 YTTEX-A
0-18852-80003-7 80003 IYT-101-0610-30.5 YTTEX-A
0-18852-80004-4 80004 IYT-101-0914-30.5 YTTEX-A
0-18852-80005-1 80005 IYT-101-1067-30.5 YTTEX-A
0-18852-80007-5 80007 IYT-101-1524-30.5 YTTEX-A

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