Tensioned Cable Fixed Pier, Short



Tensioned Cable Fixed Pier, Short

This item may be used to attach a cafixed pier short2ble to a floor/ceiling, or any other surface, so a cable is oriented in a vertical axis. However, the short length does not allow for a dampening spring to be contained within, as a result, this pier should be paired with a Long Fixed Pier in typical tensioned cable installations. The Long Fixed Pier would be positioned in the bottom location.

This Fixed Short Pier also may be used as a point of attachment in an overhead location where a cable is simply suspended from above and terminates at a sign, for example.

This pier is not approved for use where cable would be deployed in a horizontal axis.

Material: Nickel over brass
Installation Surface: Ceiling/Floor
Finish: Brushed nickel

Fixed Pier base and body
#6 x 2 in. wood screw
#6 x 1¼ in. screw and TripleGrip™ anchor

The hardware included in this assortment may be used to mount a pier base to brick, cement, plaster, ceramic surfaces and structural wood. 


NOTE: It is the responsibility of the installer to select the proper mounting hardware for a particular installation.

Rated strength: The weight capacity of an individual pier/steel cable may be as low as 10 lbs. or less, or as high as 100 lbs. (static load), depending on the mounting hardware and installation technique. AS hanging Systems publishes no specific weight capacity of this item.


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