Regent Royal Film Regent Royal Hard Dot Camera Film


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Regent Royal Film Regent Royal Hard Dot Camera Film
Halftone Film for Rapid Access Process
High Contrast & Density, Steep Gradation
Very High Dot and Line Sharpness
Wide Exposure and Development Latitude
Anti-Static, Stress & Newton Ring Layers
Regent Royal Hard Dot from Dot Works is a line and halftone camera film designed for pre-press applications. This high-speed, high-contrast film is characterized by a very steep gradation and gradation tone, along with a wide density range with low Dmax for enhanced UV transmission. For easy handling of the film, the emulsion incorporates a dedicated layer to prevent Newton rings, as well as separate anti-static and anti-stress layers to protect against dust, scratches, and other damage. The film is designed for rapid access processing in ACD chemistry, such as Majestic 650.
RRF4550 4 X 5 50 879155009134

RRF5750 5 X 7 50 879155009127

RRF81050 8 X 10 50 879155009110

RRF851150 8.5 X 11 50 879155009103

RRF111450 11 X 14 50 879155009165

RRF162025 16 X 20 25 879155009158

RRF202425 20 X 24 25 879155009141

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