R Tape VinylEfx Outdoor Durable 4826-004 Florentine Leaf Gold OD-4402




R Tape VinylEfx Outdoor Durable 004 Florentine Leaf Gold OD-4402
R Tape VinylEfx Florentine Leaf Outdoor Durable

Coated with a permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, RTape metalized
VinylEfx® films are designed to duplicate the look of metallic finishes in a variety of
distinctive eye-catching patterns. VinylEfx® films are hot-embossed, which produces
deeper, better defined patterns for a more realistic appearance. RTape’s durable
series metalized films provide long-term indoor use as well good outdoor durability.
All VinylEfx® films are printable using screen print, digital print and offset inks
formulated for pressure sensitive vinyl films.
FDC 4828 4826 Series – Florentine Leaf Finish
004 Florentine Leaf Gold (OD-4402)

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