PSA 3.5 mil Premium Matte White Vinyl – Gray Permanent Adhesive




PSA 3.5 mil Premium Matte White Vinyl – Gray Permanent Adhesive

Gray permanent adhesive. Premium matte white for high impact graphics needing a permanent adhesive.

Adhesive Backed 3.5 mil Premium Matte White
Vinyl Gray Permanent Adhesive, 88# Lay Flat Liner
for Solvent, Latex & UV Printers
• Great when glare is not needed
• Can be used for interior and exterior signage
• Uses include outdoor signage, promotional and point of purchase graphics, trade
show displays
• Compatible with OEM Solvent, Latex & UV Curable Inks
Product Number: SOL/35MATCAL/xxPG
Adhesive: Gray Permanent Acrylic
Film: 3.5 mil Vinyl
Liner: 88 lb Polycoated two sides
Finish: Matte White
Gloss Level: >10 (avg.) @ 60°
Typical Performance Values
The following information on physical and chemical characteristics is based upon tests
believed to be reliable. The values are intended only as a source of information. They
are given without guarantee and do not constitute a warranty. The purchaser should
independently determine, prior to use, the suitability of this material for his/her specific
purpose. (Data represents averages and is not intended for use as a specification.)
Durability: Outdoor – 5 years unprinted
Minimum Application Temperature: + 40° F (Minimum for Substrate)

Service Temperature Range: -40° F to +180° F
Temperature Resistance: -65° F to + 225° F
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to alkalies, mild acids, most
petroleum based oil, grease and
aliphaticsolvent and salts
Typical Adhesion Values: 180° Peel Test
Substrate 24 hours
Stainless Steel 3.0 lb/in
Shelf Life: 1 year from ship date when stored in proper
conditions 70° F and 50% relative humidity

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