ORAFOL ORACAL 352-001 Matte Chrome Print Polyester 1 Mil Film


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ORAFOL ORACAL 352 Matte Chrome Print Polyester 1 Mil Film
1-mil, transparent, white or metallized print polyester film with excellent dimensional stability and good long-term ageing
properties. Roll sizes available in 7 metallic finishes as well as transparent gloss. Screen printing sheet sizes available in
white and transparent gloss only.
Release Liner
98# PE-coated paper on both sides
Clear, solvent-based, permanent adhesive
Area of Use
Ideal for decorative labels, name/technical plates, elements and moldings, and safety decals.
Suitable for use on plotter cutting systems.
Technical Data
Thickness (without liner and adhesive)
1-mil transparent, chrome, matte chrome, gloss gold,
gloss gold on both sides
2-mil white, chrome, chrome brushed
gloss gold on both sides
Dimensional Stability (FINAT TM-14) Adhered to steel, no shrinkage in cross direction;
In length, <.004” Temperature Resistance Adhered to aluminum, -40°F to +248°F, no variation Fire Behavior (DIN 75200) Fire Rating Adhered to steel, self-extinguishing ASTM E 84-07 Class “A” Adhesive Power (FINAT TM-1, after 24 h, average) Adhered to stainless steel: 2.7 lb/in Tensile Strength (DIN EN ISO 527) Along: Min. 200 MPa Across: Min. 260 MPa Elongation at Break (DIN EN ISO 527) Along: Min. 125% Across: Min. 80% Seawaterability (DIN 50 021) Adhered to aluminum, after 100h/73°F, no variation Shelf Life (68°F/50% relative humidity) 2 years Minimum Life Expectancy (based on accepted application procedures on vertical surfaces) 2 years - colors 1 year - gloss gold Minimum Application Temperature 46°F Available Lengths Available Widths 150’ (50-yard) and 30’ (10-yard) 15” (punched), 24”, 30”, 48” 27” x 38” sheets (100 sheets/ream) White & Transparent 30” x 38” sheets (100 sheets/ream) White & Transparent Recommended Application Tapes ORATAPE® Series HT55, MT95, MT72, MT80P Print Compatibility Screen, UV offset, and thermal printing

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