ORACAL 8510 Silver & Gold Etched Glass Film • Gives a frosted effect or the impression of etched, or sandblasted glass • Designed for use in window and mirror graphics • 3 mil calendered • Fine or coarse textures for a realistic impression • Silver or Gold • 7 year durability 15” available punched only 30”available unpunched 30”available punched only

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< Description Special PVC film with polymeric plasticizers for glass decoration. Its medium glossy surface inhibits undesired reflection. In silver and gold, also in different structures. Release paper Silicone coated paper on one side, 137 g/m², with special release characteristics which provide excellent waste-stripping properties. Adhesive Solvent polyacrylate, permanent Area of use Developed for glass areas, to achieve a hoar-frost effect or an impression of etched, cut or sandblasted glass; especially for the decorative designing of shop windows and glass doors. Suitable for manufacturing on cutting systems. Wet application is recommended. Thickness* 80 micron Dimensional stability adhered to glass, no measurable shrinkage in cross direction, in length 0.2 mm max. Temperature resistance adhered to glass, -40°C to +90°C, no variation Adhesive power* (FINAT TM 1, after 24h) 16 N/25 mm 18 N/25 mm Tensile strength (DIN EN ISO 527) along 19 MPa min. across 19 MPa min. Elongation at break (DIN EN ISO 527) along 130% min. across 150% min. Shelf life** 2 years Application temperature > + 8°C Service life by specialist application under vertical outdoor exposure (normal climate of Central Europe) 7 years Attention: Surfaces to which the material will be applied must be thoroughly cleaned from dust, grease or any contamination which could affect the adhesion of the material. Furthermore the application information published by ORAFOL is to be considered. The batch traceability according to ISO 9001 is possible on the basis of the roll number. Technical data (FINAT TM 14) * average (without protective paper and adhesive) ** in original packaging, at 20°C and 50% relative humidity Resistance to cleaning agents adhered to glass, 8h in washalcalics (0,5% householdcleaning agents) in room temperature and in 65°C, no variation glass acrylic glass Fire behaviour Only flame resistant (class DIN 4102-B1) on glass with a moulded density of >= 2250 kg/m³ (indoor application) (DIN 4102-1) Technical Data Sheet The statements in this information sheet are based upon our knowledge and practical experience. This data is intended only as a source of information and is given without guarantee and does not constitute a warranty. Due to the wide variety of possible uses and applications customers should independently determine the suitability of this material for their specific purpose, prior to use

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