OCE PSBLT – 9 mil Universal Backlit Film




OCE PSBLT – universal Backlit Film aqueous inkjet media

A 9 mil matte surface, front print polyester backlit film that is water resistant* and compatible with pigment and dye inks. The matte surface reduces the impact of fingerprints for easy handling from printing to installation. The ink jet receptive coating produces super wide gamut for brilliant colors and sharp details. The water resistance and durability make it a great choice for longer-lasting indoor backlit displays and short-term outdoor displays. Océ Pro-Select® PSBLT backlit film is optimized for pigment inks, but can be used with either pigment or dye inks. When using dye inks allow for longer drying times.


Physical Properties:*

• Caliper: 9 mil nominal
• Finish: matte one side
• Opacity: 68%
• Whiteness: 95%
* Target Values


• Fast dry with pigment inks
• Water resistant
• Universal compatibility
• Even light distribution
• Matte surface to reduce glare

Recommended Storage Conditions and Shelf life:

• Stored in the original packaging at 70˚F
(21˚C), 50% R.H. a controlled environ-
ment is recommended
• Greater than one year when stored in the
proper conditions

Environmental, Health & Safety:

• No Material Safety Data Sheet required
• Waste can be recycled (PET). Where re-
cycling does not exist, disposal at a landfill
or an approved incinerator is recommended

Main Applications:

• Backlit displays and signage
• Tradeshow displays
• Lightbox graphics and kiosks
• Window graphics

Printer/Ink Compatibility:

Compatible with all thermal and piezo inkjet
printers using water-based dye and pigment
inks. Pigment inks are recommended to
produce outstanding print quality when using
either reflective or transmitted light. Dye based
inks will provide a higher color gamut but ink
fade can occur and drying times will be longer.
For a complete compatibility chart on our
website go to:

Finishing Tips:

Lamination may not be required for short term indoor graphics due to the water resistance of the coating. However, lamination will protect the image when not covered by glass and is always recommended. The setting for low-melt should be between 190˚- 200˚F. Hand application of laminates is not recommended. The print should dry for 24 hours before laminating. When mounting to substrates such as PVC, Acrylic etc., a standard mounting adhesive is appropriate.

Software Settings And Color Matching:

The ink jet receptive coating is engineered
for better that 400% ink coverage. The white
film setting in most RIP’s is appropriate.

Océ Pro-Select Inkjet Media For Professionals

However, we recommend a custom ICC profile for optimal results. For the best and most consistent results, a profile should be created using an external color calibrator in conjunction with your RIP and color matching software.

light Fastness

The fading time of ink jet ink is a direct result of the inks that you choose to use and the environment where the print is displayed. All dye based inks fade noticeably under direct sunlight and in interior applications where direct sunlight may fall on the image and/or where fluorescent or other UV producing light is present. Certain UV enhanced inks, pigment-based inks and certain UV inhibiting laminates will extend the duration of the fading process inherent with all ink jet inks. Contact the ink manufacturer to determine suitablility for any application.

*Water Resistance Guidelines

To obtain a high degree of water resistance, use only pigmented inks. Allow the print to dry for 24 hours before exposing to moisture. Lamination may not be required for short-term indoor applications. Ink saturation over 300% can affect the water resisitant properties and show ink bleed. Dye based inks will yield good color gamut but bleeding may occur when the images get wet. Over laminating will not eliminate ink bleed unless the material is completely sealed to a non porous surface.

selected available roll sizes
item number Width X length quantity core
PSBLT36100 36” x 100’ 1 Roll 2”
PSBLT42100 42” x 100’ 1 Roll 2”
PSBLT50100 50” x 100’ 1 Roll 2”
PSBLT60100 60” x 100’ 1 Roll 2”




OCE PSBLT – 9 mil Universal Backlit Film Spec Sheet

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