OCE ID8L – 8 mil Instant Dry Luster Photo Paper




OCE ID8L – 8 mil Instant Dry Luster Photo Paper

OCE 8.5 mil premium rc photo base with E surface look for high quality photo reproduction.

Product Description

An 8.5 mil (210 gsm) luster (“E” type) photo paper. Océ Instant Dry ID8L is a premium resin-coated photobase meeting the demands for high quality photorealistic reproduction. The ultra white base with microporous coating means your prints will be instantly dry and water resistant; while the thinner base allows you to save money and still provide photographic output. Universal compatibility is optimized for today’s wide gamut printers. Océ Instant Dry ID8L optimizes natural skin tones and more neutral Lab values.
Physical Properties*

• Caliper: 8.5 mil
• Basis Weight: 210 gsm
• Gloss Level: (60°) 15%
• Opacity: 97%
• Color: L96, a = 2.00, b = -8.25
• Whiteness: 120 CIE
* Target Values

• True “E” Surface photographic look
• Instant Dry
• Photorealistic image quality
• Universal Compatibility
• High Ink Load limit
• Outstanding black and white quality

Recommended Storage
Conditions and shelf Life

• Temperature 59°-86°F. (15°-25°C).
Relative Humidity 30-70%
• Repack opened rolls when not in use.
• One year at conditions noted above.
• Allow material to stabilize to room
conditions 24 hours before use

Environmental, Health & Safety

• No Material Safety Data Sheet required.
• Waste not suited for recycling.

Main Applications
• Photorealistic image reproduction
• Pre-press Proofi ng
• Indoor Posters

Printer/Ink Comopatibility

Recommended for use in most photographic,
and display graphics inkjet printers including:
Epson® Ultra Chrome and K3 series, Vivid
Magenta series, Canon® PROGRAF® and IPF
series, as well as Hewlett Packard® Z, series and
HP5500 series printers. For a complete compatibility chart on our website go to:

Handling Recommendations

Due to the absorptive nature of the coating,
you should avoid touching the coated surface.
It is always recommended that cotton gloves
be worn when handling inkjet coated materials.
Rolls are supplied coated side out.


Can be overlaminated with either hot or cold
laminates Make sure that prints are completely dry prior to laminating


Printer and driver settings need careful set up
to ensure the best performance. Appropriate
ink loads must be set for the ink/printer combination being used.

item number width X length quantity Per
carton core
ID10S2410 24” x 10’ 1 Sample Roll 3”
ID10S17100 17” x 100’ 1 Roll 3”
ID10S24100 24” x 100’ 1 Roll 3”
ID10S36100 36” x 100’ 1 Roll 3”
ID10S42100 42” x 100’ 1 Roll 3”
ID10S44100 44” x 100’ 1 Roll 3”
ID10S50100 50” x 100’ 1 Roll 3”
ID10S60100 60” x 100’ 1 Roll 3”





OCE ID8L – 8 mil Instant Dry Luster Photo Paper
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