OCE 868340 – Clear Film with Side Stripe 4 mil




OCE 868340-  Clear Film with Side Stripe Aqueous inkjet Media 4 mil

An optically clear film with side stripe for GIS application. Compatible with dye and pigment inks.

Product Description:

Océ 868340 is a 4 mil optically clear film. It is designed with a high optical clarity, critical formany clear film applications. It is universally compatible with dye and pigment inks. The inkjet coating is compatible with most monochrome and color inkjet printers.


Physical Properties:

• Caliper – 4 mil nominal
• Haze – 2.5%
• Gloss (60°) – 90
• Smoothness – 5
* Target Values


• Optically clear, for multi-layering applications.
• Dimensionally stable film is resistant to
changes in temperature and humidity.


• Archival
• Crisp, clean prints

Recommended storage conditions and shelf life:

• Temperature 55°-90° F. (20°-50° C).
Relative Humidity 30-70%
• Shelf life-1 year when stored at proper conditions
• Allow material to stabilize to room conditions 24 hours before use

Environmental, health & safety:

• No Material Safety Data Sheet required.
• Waste is suitable for recycling.

Main applications:

• Geographic Information Systems (GIS),
aerial photos, mapping and overlays.

Printer/Ink compatibility:

Océ 868340 is recommended for use in many
monochrome and color printers. For best
results and to learn more, call your Océ Sales
Representative, or visit our website:

Processing tips:

• Outside of the roll is side to be printed.
• Sheets-Side opposite the label is side to
be printed.
• Print in a dust and dirt free environment
60°-85° F. (10°-35° C), 30-70% R.H.
• Repack opened rolls when not in use
• Check and clean cartridge prior to printing.
selected available roll sizes
item number Width X length quantity Per carton core
8683400003 24” x 100’ 1 Roll 2”
8683400004 36” x 100’ 1 Roll 2”




OCE 868340 – Clear Film with Side Stripe 4 mil

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