OCE 864DM – Double Matte Film 4 mil




OCE 864DM –  Double Matte Film Aqueous inkjet Media 4 mil

An economical polyester film base with a matte surface on both side

Product Description:

Océ 864DM is a 4 Mil double matte polyester film. A polyester film base with a matte surface on both sides. The matte film is coated with an inkjet receptive layer on one side and a drafting surface on the other. The inkjet coating is compatible with many monochrome and color inkjet printers.


Physical Properties:

• Caliper: 4.0 mil
• Opacity: 75%
• Smoothness: Inkjet side – 164
Drafting side – 61
• pH -Not Acid Free
* Target Values


• Excellent surface provides dense lines and
characters that reproduce well.
• Fast dry time increases throughput and
productivity by allowing immediate hand-
ling of the drawing.
• The drafting surface is ideal for pen plot
ting or hand drafting with ink or pencil.
• Dimensionally stable polyester film is
resistant to changes in temperature and


• Archival
• Easy to read prints
• Easy to make revisions

Recommended storage conditions and shelf life:

• Temperature 55°-90° F. (20°-50° C).
Relative Humidity 30-70%
• Shelf life-2 years when stored at proper conditions
• Allow material to stabilize to room conditions
24 hours before use

Environmental, health & safety:

• No Material Safety Data Sheet required.
• Waste is suitable for recycling.

Main applications:

• Suitable for long term storage, diazo reprints,
photographic reproduction or final prints in
monochrome or color.

Printer/Ink compatibility:

Océ 864DM is recommended for use in
many monochrome and color printers. For
best results and to learn more, call your Océ
Sales Representative, or visit our website:

Processing tips:

• Outside of the roll is side to be printed.
• Sheets-Side opposite the label is side to be printed.
• Print in a dust and dirt free environment
60°-85° F. (10°-35° C), 30-70% R.H.
• Repack opened rolls when not in use
• Check and clean cartridge prior to printing.
selected available roll sizes
item number Width X length quantity Per carton core

864DM18125 18” x 125’ 1 Roll 2”
864DM22125 22” x 125’ 1 Roll 2”
864DM24125 24” x 125’ 1 Roll 2”
864DM30125 30” x 125’ 1 Roll 2”
864DM34125 34” x 125’ 1 Roll 2”
864DM36125 36” x 125’ 1 Roll 2”
864DM42125 42” x 125’ 1 Roll 2”
864DM54125 54” x 125’ 1 Roll 2”
864DM36225 36” x 225’ 1 Roll 2”




OCE 864DM – Double Matte Film 4 mil

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