Neschen SolvoPrint Easy Dot Matte/Clear (frosted translucent)




Neschen SolvoPrint Easy Dot Matte/Clear (frosted translucent)

Neschen SolvoPrint Easy Dot Matte/Clear (frosted translucent)

  • SolvoPrintTM Easy Dot is an innovative new product that will save time and money when creating and installing wall, window and trade show graphics.
  • The key to its ease of installation is the special dot patterned adhesive which creates air channels that allow for a bubble and wrinkle free installation.
  • No special tools are needed – not even a squeegee!
  • This 4 mil self adhesive vinyl is available in your choice of a white matte or clear (frosted translucent) finish.
  • Use Easy Dot for trade show panels, POP and retail signage, window graphics, glass office partitions and much more.

neschen solvoprint easy dot


Easy Dot Matte Technical Specifications

Easy Dot Clear Technical Specifications



Easy Dot Matte

Item #
603034954″ x 164′
603367555″ x 820′
6014027″ x 10′

Easy Dot Clear

Item #
603251754″ x 164′
603367655″ x 820′
6014127″ x 10′


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