MultiTone Black & White RC Paper Glossy


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MultiTone Black & White RC Paper is a durable resin coated photo paper. With a glossy finish it causes highlights to sing off the print, while giving shadows a slick, dark look after dry down. Suitable for both manual and machine processes, the paper is recommended for manual processing. Four contrast grades (1-4) provide flexibility in tonal quality, while its quick drying nature ensures an efficient workflow. Additional features include low fog, high maximum density, and 2 years of storage, in ideal conditions.

MultiTone Black & White RC Paper
MultiTone Black & White RC paper features good image tone and fast processing properties. It can be processed automatically under high temperatures. The paper has a highly intensified coating, good endurance of process, good stability during storage, and it dries quickly. This paper is designed for enlarging pictures and large-size photographs with four contrast grades: No 1, No 2, No 3, and No 4. Additional highlights include: low fog, high maximum density, and good texture
Dark red or yellow green safelight with a 15 watt bulb located at least 6.5’/2m from the paper, with a total light time of 40 minutes
MultiTone paper is suitable for both manual and machine processes. The manual process is recommended
The paper should be kept intact in the original package in a dry, cool, ammonia-free, hydro sulfuric gas-free and radiation-free place. The storage temperature should be kept below 70°, and the relative humidity below 65%. The paper can be kept valid for two years under stipulated storage conditions
MTG050725 5 X 7 25 879155007369

MTG57100 5 X 7 100 879155007376

MTG57250 5 X 7 250 879155007383

MTG081025 8 X 10 25 879155007567

MTG810100 8 X 10 100 879155003347

MTG810250 8 X 10 250 879155003330

MTG111450 11 X 14 50 879155003323

MTG162010 16 X 20 10 879155007574

MTG202450 20 x 24 50 879155009233

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