Magic VSF (GFVSF DMVSF) Polyolefin Based Banners




Magic VSF (GFVSF DMVSF) Polyolefin Based Banners

Magic VSF (GFVSF DMVSF) Polyolefin Based Banners

  • A super tough polyolefin base from Valeron® that has extreme tear resistance.
  • InteliCoat Technologies has partnered with Valeron® to jointly develop VSF products for digital print applications.
  • VSF products are plasticizer-free, vinyl-free, recyclable, and stronger than most scrim vinyls in the market today.
  • Designed for use with pigmented, solvent and UV Cure inks in durable outdoor banner applications.
  • Caliper: 12 mil

Width Length Size Comment Part Number
36″ (91.44 cm) 75′ (22.86 m) 1 RL 64214
54″ (137.16 cm) 75′ (22.86 m) 1 RL 64217
24″ (60.96 cm) 10′ (3.048 m) 1 RL 70414
24″ (60.96 cm) 50′ (15.24 m) 1 RL 65023
42″ (106.68 cm) 50′ (15.24 m) 1 RL 64954


To download thApplication Guides – VSFe ICC profile, right click on the profile name and select ‘Save As’, select a location on your harddrive and save. If you have any questions about which profile is correct for your needs, please use our ICC Profile Search tool.


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