Magic Firenze 170 Presentation Grade Matte Paper




Magic Firenze 170 Presentation Grade Matte Paper

Magic Firenze 170 Presentation Grade Matte Paper

Firenze 170 by Magiclée® is our economical, heavyweight coated matte paper compatible with most ink jet printers. Basis Weight: 170 gsm (45 ib)
FORMERLY         DMPG170

Intended Environment

Window Display, Renewable Products, Posters, Point Of Sale POS, Photo, P.O.P. Display, Fine Art

Fine Art Papers, Papers, Recyclable

Magic – Aqueous Inks and Printers, Magiclee Aqueous Inks and Printers

MAGICLEE® and MAGIC® brands feature a range of quality, coated matte presentation papers

  • designed specifically to provide impressive performance-to-cost value for graphic art and prepress applications.
  • Each of the five options, ranging from 98 g/m2 to 217 g/m2,
  • offers high opacity, bright white appearance, and optimal color gamut. Full-color images print crisp and clean,
  • even with ink saturation levels up to 200%.
  • The coated matte presentation papers are compatible with water-based pigment and dye inks.
  • GFIOP140 & GFIOP212 are compatible with solvent ink jet printers, UV cure and latex systems and Postermax is designed specifically for low-solvent / eco inks.
  • Fast dry times and easy lamination make these papers excellent choices for high volume production applications.
WidthLengthSize CommentPart Number
24″ (60.96 cm)10″ (25.4 cm)70379
24″ (60.96 cm)100′ (30.48 m)73385
36″ (91.44 cm)100′ (30.48 m)73386
42″ (106.68 cm)100′ (30.48 m)73387
44″ (111.76 cm)100′ (30.48 m)73388
50″ (127 cm)100′ (30.48 m)73389
54″ (137.16 cm)100′ (30.48 m)73390

To download the ICC profile, right click on the profile name and select ‘Save As’, select a location on your hard drive and save. If you have any questions about which profile is correct for your needs, please use   ICC Profile Search tool.


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