Magic® ECO BLOCK™-2S





Magic® ECO BLOCK™-2S

Magic® ECO BLOCK™-2S is an opaque 2-side printable satin paper designed for Latex and UV Cure printing systems.This product is ideal for indoor banners, posters and window signs. This unique paper features an inner block out layer that allows for clean, double sided printing with no show through. ECO BLOCK-2S is ideal for P.O.S. Frame Displays, Subway/Transit Ad Cards and 2 Side Window Signage. It is lightweight, economical and earth friendly. Unlike most block-out media, ECO BLOCK-2S is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable

Window Display, Trade Show Media, Posters, Point Of Sale POS, P.O.P. Display, Kiosk Display, Banners/Signage







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