MacTac Brushed Metals Tuning Films


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MacTac Brushed Metals Tuning Films

MacTac Brushed Metals Tuning Films
5.5 mil Polymeric Stabilized Films.
• High performance permanent bubble-free acrylic adhesive.
• Great for internal or external vehicle parts.
• For flat or slightly curved surfaces.
• 90lb polycoated liner.
• Outdoor Durability 2-5 years.

MacTac Brushed Metals Tuning Films

Personalize your car !
Customization is a structural trend in our society. This is visible
through all opportunities to us to bring our personal touch to what we
own: this can be seen through our clothing, home decor, electronics,etc…
Customising our car is totally in line with this trend.
MACtac TuningFilm is recognized across the world by professionals as a
high quality car wrapping range. Thanks to a comprehensive color trend
analysis, MACtac came up with 55 different colors, effects and materials.
TuningFilm car wrapping advantages are:
• cost
• speed of implementation (one day)
• appearance (quality) similar to painting
• original paint mechanical protection
(scratches, stone projection, UV,…)
• long durability of colors
• car cleaning as usual
• removability (ability to revert to the original
color by removing the film)
Therefore, MACtac TuningFilm contributes maintaining a good resale
value of the vehicle.

Thank you for your interest in MACtac®’s Tuning Film Series. Most of
the MACmark Tuning Films feature the micro-structured air egress
technology and all are repositionable for a successful application.
1) Our Textured series is best suited for flat to moderately curved
surfaces normally found in a typical vehicle wrap. The Silver
Moon, Black Leather, Carbon Fiber, and Brushed Metal vinyl films*,
are easy to handle, fast to apply and brilliant as a final product.
Recommended for flat to simple curves such as:
a. Hoods
b. Spoilers
c. Roofs
d. Interior dash
e. Accessories such as laptops, cell phones, etc.
2) Our Sublime and Iridescent Films are also suited for flat and
moderately curved surfaces; however, they are exceptional
on complex surfaces. This 3.4 mil proprietary vinyl film is an
easy to handle high gloss or zero glare matte finished product.
These products are recommended for 2 and 3-dimensional
curves such as:
a. Everything above plus;
b. Fleet
c. Moderate to complex automotive wraps

Selecting the media for application:
a) Did you select the correct media for your application? – Do not
attempt to use the thicker, textured Tuning Films on complex curves.
b) Tuning Films are not designed or recommended to be printed or
laminated. However, solvent and latex inks will print nicely on most
finishes if desired.
c) Is the media within proper shelf-life and stored in a reasonably
controlled environment? (Ideal is 60° – 80°F @ 50% relative humidity)
Pre-application Planning (Application Checklist):
Prior to application, plan your steps for a successful wrap by using the
following checklist:
1) The ideal location for an installation is indoors in a controlled
environment (60-80° F). Minimize changes in temperature, moisture,
wind and dust.
2) Remove all trim items prior to the wrap. This includes: license fixtures,
antennas, name plates, lighting fixtures, etc. Keep items organized
and don’t remove items you cannot comfortably put back on.
3) Inspect the vehicle and fill out the proper inspection sheet (online)
and send it to MACtac®. This is required to qualify for the MACtac
Vehicle Wrap Warranty. (TA2501)
4) The surface of the vehicle must be cleaned at least 12 hours prior to
application and kept indoors to allow proper drying. If not possible,
morning dew will re-wet critical areas, like seams and rivets which
must be re-dried prior to application. Some of the modern finishes
and finish enhancers like waxes and paint conditioners require using
Xylene (a.k.a. Xylol) as a cleaner to remove.
i) Ref: TA2032 (Technical Assistance bulletin) for complete cleaning


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