Kapco 7 mil Photo Satin Paper




Kapco 7 mil Photo Satin Paper

Best choice for a premium look with vibrant colors, high ink coverage for graphics and sign projects. For best results use dye inks.

7 mil Photo Satin Paper
for Water-Based Inkjet Printers

Product Number: KJPSP4700
Material: Photo Base Paper
Caliper/Gauge: 7 mil
Weight: 173 g/m2
Whiteness: 150
Brightness: 105
Gloss Level: 28 (avg) @ 60°
Printer/Ink Compatibility:
Ink saturation level of this product is 200% and heavy coated paper setting on most RIPs is appropriate.
Pigmented-based inks enhance both water and ultraviolet resistance levels. Dye based
inks, while maintaining excellent vibrancy, show a slightly lower ultraviolet resistance. Over saturation
with dye based inks may result in image degradation. Product can be printed on Encad/Kodak
(pigmented inks only), Hewlett-Packard DesignJet (2xxx/3xxx/5xxx), ColorSpan Displaymaker
(pigmented inks only), Epson Stylus Pro (7xxx/9xxx), Mimaki JV4 (pigmented inks only) and Roland
Hi-Fi Jet (pigmented inks only).
Ink Dry Time: Varies with type and amount of ink, relative humidity
and temperature.
Printing: 60-80° F, 50% Relative Humidity
Ideal Storage Conditions: 70° F (21° C), 50% Relative Humidity, store in original
Handling Requirements: Due to absorptive nature of the coating, avoid
touching the coated surface with bare skin. Always
wear cotton gloves when handling inkjet-coated
materials. Rolls are supplied withthe coated surface
wound out. When rolling graphics, always roll so that the
thinner material is on the outside surface of roll.
Shelf Life: 1 year from ship date when stored in proper conditions.

Finishing/Lamination Can be laminated with either pressure sensitive or low
temperature thermal laminate. Before lamination,
please allow image to dry for 24 hours.




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