General Formulations Concept 100/101/102 Series Laminates




General Formulations Concept 100 Series Laminates

General Formulations Concept 100 Series Laminates
3 mil PVC Calendered Laminate on smooth paper liner, available in Gloss, Luster or Matte.
• Protects against abrasion, moisture and other environmental exposures.
• 53lb paper liner.

Sise: 54” x 150 ft

100 – Gloss, 101 – Luster, 102 – Matte


ConceptÒ Gloss Overlaminating Film is a pressure sensitive 3-mil high gloss PVC film with the optically clear 200-4990
permanent acrylic adhesive on a smooth paper liner. This vinyl film offers protection from abrasion, moisture and other
environmental exposures. It is laminated by the cold laminating process without the addition of heat.

Applications Gloss overlaminating vinyl film is designed to protect digital image prints and screen
printed images for exhibit and display graphics. Can be used in most instances where an
overlay with a high gloss finish is required.

Thickness Film 3.0 mils.
Adhesive .8 to 1.0 mil.
Liner 4.0 mils.
(Thickness variance +/- 10%)

Dimensional Stability Good.

Temperature Ranges Minimum application temperature +40° F
Service temperature range -40°F to +180°F.

Adhesion To stainless steel 48 oz/in.

When tested according to PSTC-1 with
24 hr. dwell at 70°F and 50% relative humidity.
Typical values. Individual values may vary. Test thoroughly before production.

Light Transmission Approximately 90% @ 550 nm

60 ° Gardner Initial > 80

Storage Stability 1-year shelf life when stored at 70°F and 50% relative humidity.
Product Series ConceptÒ #100

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