Fixed Pier, Point-to-Point Set




Fixed Pier, Point-to-Point Set

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Fixed Piers are used to attach a tensioned cable to ceilings and floors (or other opposing horizontal surfaces) and are most often used in pairs (two cables). They may be used in window openings to create displays, near walls to cause a floating effect or perpendicular to perimeter walls to establish a divider. These Fixed Piers are our heavy duty solution as the cable may span as far as 20 feet. These are only to be used with cables running in a vertical axis, never in a horizontal manner. As illustrated, the short pier should always be used at the upper location.

Length: 120 inches (10 ft.) / 305 cm; 240 inches (20 ft.) / 610 cm

Fixed Pier, Long
Fixed Pier, Short
10′ or 20′ Barrel-End Stainless Steel Cable
Cable stop, Spring and Allen Key
(2x) #6 x 1¼ in. screws and TripleGrip™ anchors
(2x) #6 x 2 in. wood screw

The hardware included in this assortment may be used to mount a pier base to brick, cement, plaster, ceramic surfaces and structural wood.


NOTE: It is the responsibility of the installer to select the proper mounting hardware for a particular installation. 

Rated strength: The weight capacity of an individual pier/steel cable may be as low as 10 lbs. or less, or as high as 100 lbs. (static load), depending on the mounting hardware and installation technique. AS hanging Systems publishes no specific weight capacity of this item.

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