Decorative Mounting Plate Kit



Decorative Mounting Plate Kit




Decorative Mounting Plate Kit

When mounting either of our piers to gypsum board it is almost imperative to use specialized anchors other than common screw anchors.

These Decorative Mounting Plates are matched with Wing Toggle anchors to support our Fixed and Articulated Piers on common drywall. These Wing Toggles open to 1.5 inches but pass through a 3/8 inch hole. With an outside diameter of 1.5 inches, the plate spreads loads across a larger surface area and hides the hole used for the toggle.

Material: Nickel over brass
Diameter: 1.5 inch
Installation Surface: Wall/Ceiling/Floor
Finish: Decorative Mounting Plates are hand finished to match the finish of our Articulated and Fixed Piers. Brushed nickel with a clear protective coat.

Each set includes:
Decorative Mounting Plate
Wing toggle anchor (opens to 1.5 in but passes through 3/8 inch hole) with #6 32 x 2 in. machine screw

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the installer to select the proper mounting hardware for a particular installation.

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