Décor Rough Textured Art ES, 260g/m2, IFA-93


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Décor Rough Textured Art ES, 260g/m2, IFA-93
Product Description
Eco Solvent, Latex and UV ink compatible, bright white, satin coated fourdrinier watercolour paper. Ideal for print and sign
producers looking to create digital fine art prints.
Technical Specifications
• Bright white
• Rough textured ‘watercolour’ satin surface
• Eco-solvent, latex and UV ink compatible
• Excellent colour reproduction
• Scratch resistant
• Acid and lignin free – archival quality
• Fine art and photographic limited and open edition prints
• Fine art reproduction prints for interior décor
Rolls (25m Length, 3″ Core) 60″, 54″, 30″

Additional Sizes are available on request, subject to order quantity.
Handling and Storage
• All digital fine art medias are fragile and need to be handled
with care. Try not to touch the surface of the paper, always
hold the paper by the edges and wear cotton gloves if
• Return unused material to the original box and only store
finished prints in archival quality packaging. If mounting or
framing, use only archive grade tapes and glues.
• After printing, leave prints open to the air to fully dry (24
hours is recommended). Do not stack prints on top of each
other straight away.
• Using a giclée varnish or spray will help protect your print
from damage, effects of UV light and environmental attack.
Conditions of Use
• The recommended climate for storage of all papers is 15-
20°C, relative humidity of 40-60%. Always store in original
packaging, out of direct sunlight and protected from
• Do not exceed temperatures of 82°C (180°F) when dry
Paper Thickness (Microns) 330 Paper Thickness (Inches) 0.013
Base Material Alpha Cellulose
Coating Type Satin
Ink Type Eco Solvent, UV and Latex Ink
Surface Texture Rough Textured ‘Watercolour Paper’
Whiteness (CIE) 159
Brightness (TAPPI) 114
OBA Content Yes
Opacity (%) 100
pH 7.5-9.5
Recyclable Yes
Graphic Art
Eco Solvent Watercolour Paper 260gsm
Graphic Art Range IFA 93

SKU Part Number Grade
50004 IFA-93-R15-20 IFA-93
50001 IFA-93-R30-100 IFA-93
50002 IFA-93-R54-100 IFA-93
50003 IFA-93-R60-100 IFA-93

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