Clear Focus CurvaLam




Clear Focus CurvaLam

Clear Focus CurvaLam
2 Mil Optically Clear Cast PVC Cold Overlaminate.
• Designed for vehicle graphics and other outdoor applications on flat, curved or riveted surfaces.
• Outstanding conformability to prevent tunneling, wrinkling and cracking.
• Ultra-clear permanent, solvent acrylic, pressuresensitive adhesive with clear polyester release liner.
• Prevents dirt and water from collecting in the perforated window film’s holes.
• Additional UV protection to help resist color fade caused by UV rays.
• 2 year durability.

Product description:
Areas of use:
Standard roll sizes:
The above information is based on tests believed to be reliable and is presented for reference and illustration of general product characteristics only. The information does not
constitute a representation or warranty relating to the suitability or fitness for a particular application or otherwise create guarantees of product performance. In all cases,
purchasers should independently determine, prior to use, the suitability of this product for their specific application.
CLEAR FOCUS Imaging, Inc. 60 Maxwell Court, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 USA
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USA toll-free (800) 307-7990

CLEAR FOCUS CurvaLam® Optically Clear Cast PVC Overlaminating Film

Technical Data and Typical Characteristics Product Code: CFCVL
Surface Finish
Film Thickness (including adhesive)
Release Liner Thickness
Tensile Strength
Shelf Life
Application Temperature Range
Service Temperature Range
Dimensional Stability
Peel Adhesion
Liner Release
Gloss Meter 60° Reflection 60-90% (crystal)
Micrometer, Federal Bench Type Approx. 3 mils (76.2 microns/0.003 in)
Approx. 1.5 mils (38.1 microns/0.0015 in)
Tensile Tester with 2-in (51 mm) jaw
separation; crosshead speed of 12 in/
min.(5.1 mm/s), web direction
≥4.5 lb/in (≥ 0.8 kg/cm)
Instron Tensile Tester as above ≥150%
2 years from ship date when stored at
70° F (21° C) and 50% relative humidity.
On clean, dry substrate (flat) 40° F to 100° F (4.4° C to 38° C)
On clean, dry substrate 0° F to 140° F (-17° C to 60° C)
158°F (70°C), 48 hours 5 mils (127 microns/0.005 in)
PSTC-101, 15 min, 70°F (21°C) 3.5 lbs/in (0.625 kg/cm)
TLMI Release at 90°, 300 in/min (760
35 g/2 in width (7 g/1 cm width)
CurvaLam is a 3-mil cast vinyl cold-laminating film with an optically clear,
permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. Designed to protect and prolong
the life of printed images for window applications, CurvaLam is made of high-
quality, 100% polymeric face stock. CurvaLam is rated for outdoor durability
up to 2 years for external applications and 5 years for internal applications.
• Protective overlaminate for CLEAR FOCUS One Way Vision™ calendered
window graphics films.
• Also compatible with cast print media.
• Glass or transparent surfaces that are flat or have simple curves.
36, 54 & 60 in x 100 ft; 54 in x 25 ft (91.44, 137 & 152 cm x 30.48 m; 137 cm x 7.62 m)

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