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Clear Focus ClearLam

Clear Focus ClearLam
1.5 Mil Optically Clear Polyester Cold Overlaminate.
• Has the rigidity to span, instead of sink into, the film’s holes, which maintains optimum one-way visibility.
• Protects the graphic from dust, water and dirt that may collect in the perforated areas.
• Up to 2 year durability.
• For small-format graphics on flat surfaces only.
• Avoid stretching the laminated graphic during installation. The vinyl has a memory and may return to its original shape, causing the film to lift off the glass.
• For best results, trim panels prior to installation.

Product description:
Areas of use:
Standard roll sizes:
ClearLam is a 1.5-mil pressure-sensitive polyester cold-laminating film.
ClearLam protects graphics against marking and scuffing, enhances the
water resistance of graphics and provides UV protection, thereby increasing
the life of the printed image.
• Protective overlaminate for CLEAR FOCUS One Way Vision™ calendered
window graphics films.
• Also compatible with cast print media.
• Glass or transparent flat surfaces. Not designed for use on curved surfaces.
• For use on small-format graphics only.
• Can be cleaned with mild non-abrasive detergents.
36 & 54 in. x 100 ft. (91.44 & 137 cm x 30.48 m)

CLEAR FOCUS ClearLam® Optically Clear Polyester Overlaminating Film

Typical Performance Values – Not intended for specification use Product Code: CFCL
Gloss Level
Typical Adhesion Values
Film Thickness (including adhesive)
Release Liner
UV Resistance
Chemical Resistance
Outdoor Durability
Minimum Application Temperature
Service Temperature Range
Shelf Life
Optically clear polyester overlaminating film
125 (avg.) at 60°
Clear permanent acrylic
180° Peel Test
Substrate 15 min. 24 hrs.
Stainless Steel 2.3 lbs/in. 31 lbs./in.
Approx. 1.5 mils (38.1 microns; .0015 inches) gloss polyester
Approx. 1 mil (25.4 microns; .0010 inches) polyester
Good to excellent
Resistant to ammonium hydroxide – 10%, antifreeze, detergent, distilled
water, gasoline and motor oil – SAE 20
Up to 2 years
40° F (4° C)
0° F to 140° F (-17° C to 60° C)
2 years from ship date when stored at 70° F (21° C) and 50%
relative humidity.
Designed for use with graphics to be applied to flat surfaces.
Not recommended for use on curved surfaces.

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