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Avery Premium Cutter


Avery Premium Cutter

Premium Cutter Z1076 A strong, durable metal casing, holding 30° angled breakaway blades for accurate cutting.

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    Avery Dennison offers a complete line of accessories to help you
    achieve a professional end result no matter what your application. Most
    accessories may be purchased individually or by the box.
    You can also order our convenient Accessories Kit that includes:
    > Tool Belt
    > Blue Felt Squeegee
    > Snitty Vinyl Cutter
    > Breakaway Knife
    > Magnet Set
    > Gloves
    Avery Dennison Application Tools
    Application accessories to assist you with all your vinyl applications
    Product Item No. Description
    FleXtreme CB2620001 The blue (harder) FleXtreme is designed to seamlessly apply film at narrow curves and edges. The red (softer)
    FleXtreme is ideal for film application in anrrow, concave parts of a car.
    Avery Dennison® Accessories
    XD9267 Avery Dennison® Tool Kit includes a selection of Avery Dennison Tools including: tool belt, application gloves,
    cutter, blue felt squeegee, 2 magnets and snitty.
    Application Tool Belt Z1061 Tool belt keeps all your tools in this specially-designed waist belt. Designed by professional applicators.
    White Basic Squeegee Z1008 A white, low cost squeegee that is intended for light or single use applications. They nick easily. Gets one or
    two uses and are usually thrown away. The most common area of use for these is applying sign cut letters.
    Great giveaways.
    Silver Premium Squeegee Z1057 A silver premium nylon squeegee ideal for fleet work. This high quality squeegee minimizes nicks that can
    occur. It can still be sharpened and will last for several jobs.
    Blue Felt Squeegee Z1058 A blue nylon reinforced squeegee with a black felt edge that will not scratch or mar the surface of digital prints
    or specialty vinyl. The perfect tool for flat or lightly curved surfaces.
    Red Pro Flex Squeegee Z1071 A red, softer and more flexible squeegee with a felt edge that will not scratch or mar the surface of digital
    prints or specialty vinyl. Ideal for 3D applications, deep corrugations and curved applications like pillars and
    car bumpers.
    Super Strong Apply
    Magnets – 2 pk
    Z1063 Magnets are a great aid to holding and positioning graphics on a substrate. Strong magnetic pull can replace
    application tape.
    Application Glove GMD
    (1 glove only)
    Z1072 A soft, seamless, cotton, application glove with anti-static properties and excellent friction resistance help
    smooth graphics over the application surface and into curves and recesses.
    Air Release Pen Z1074 Sharp retractable air release pin in a handy pen design. Ideal for releasing trapped air and eliminating bubbles
    during application.
    Snitty Vinyl Cutter Z1060 Snitty vinyl cutter is a mini-slitting tool. Handy for cutting self-adhesive material.
    Breakaway Application Knife Z1062 Plastic applicator knife designed for graphic application. Holds 30°-angled break-away blade for accurate
    Premium Cutter Z1076 A strong, durable metal casing, holding 30° angled breakaway blades for accurate cutting.
    Spare Blades Box Z1073 Spare Blades Box is a disposable container, as well as a dispenser, for safe use of the Premium Cutter
    (Z1076) and Breakaway Application Knife (Z1062). 30°-angled breakaway blade/#11 tip.
    15 blades per pack.
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    Z1074 Z1073 Z1073
    XD9267 Z1061
    Z1060 Z1063
    Z1008 Z1057 Z1058 Z1071
    Z1072 CB2620001

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