ASLAN Memo Board Films Chalk Board 4308-003 Black




ASLAN Memo Board Films Chalk Board 4308-003 Black
FDC 4308 Series is ASLAN C60 & C61. This product is a calendered vinyl film with a special face designed for use
as a chalkboard surface. It may be repeatedly written on and wiped clean making it ideal to display often-changing

Available in the colours green and black, this self-adhesive blackboard film is ideal for daily changing letterings such
as daily set-menus in bars and restaurants.
From offices to the children rooms, every plain surface is made writable with chalk.
Every caption can be wiped off easily.
ASLAN recommends customary chalk. Not appropriate are solvent-containing liquid chalk-pens, because they can
leave a ghost-writing and shadows.

printability: The material can be printed with silk-screen printing inks.
(In case of inadequate drying of the printing inks colours the film will be sodded and the adhesive
negatively affected.)
application: Application dry or wet. If applicated wet, a possible whitening of the adhesive occurs but will fade
awayafter a couple of days depending on the weather.
For a wet application we recommend the transferliquide ASLAN TL10.
For the application of letterings etc. we recommend our ASLAN Application Tapes respectively the ASLAN
storage life: Before application the films can be stored for minimum 3 years from date of production.
The film must be stored at room temperature (15-25 °C) and a relativ humidity of the air of 50-60%. To
avoid pressure points appearing on the roll surface, we recommend the rolls be stored either vertical
standing or for this purpose designed `hanging´ racks.

4308 ASLAN C60 & C61. 003 Black
061 Green

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