ASLAN Matte Removable Vinyl Film dark-green




ASLAN Matte Removable Vinyl Film dark-green
ASLAN Matte Removable Vinyl Film

FDC 4300 Series is ASLAN C114. This product is a calendered vinyl film designed for producing specialty graphics,
signage and decals requiring medium term durability with clean removal. Series 4300 features a matte finish, which
provides maximum visibility by eliminating unwanted glare and a grid marked liner for easy alignment. For best
results, use with FDC 2602 Series application tape. To order punched material, use part number 4350

The opaque self-adhesive coloured film for short and medium term applications
This colour series with high glossy or matt surface is excellent for the use in computerized cutting of designs and
For any further information please contact our technical advisory service:
+49 (0) 2204.708- +49 (0) 2204.708-80
face-film: soft PVC
thickness: ~ 70 ?m
adhesive: acrylic pressure adhesive thickness: ~ 20 g/m²
release liner: silicone cardboard square weight: ~ 120 g/m²
adhesive strength: glossy:
(ASTMD-903) immediately ~ 3.8 N/25 mm
after 1 week ~ 11.3 N/25 mm
immediately ~ 2.5 N/25 mm
after 1 week ~ 8.8 N/25 mm
dimensional stability: applied onto aluminum
after 48 hours stored at 70 °C
(25 x 25 cm) max. -0.5 %
chemical resistance: In a preece test of 24 hours the applied film is resistant to most petroleum based oils, greases and
aliphatic solvents, mild acids, alkaline and salts.
light proofness: DIN 53 388 non-fade grade: 6-8
Woll- Scale
combustibility: stuck on aluminium, the film is self-extinguishing.
temperature: application temperature: min. 15°C
service temperature range: -30 °C up to +80 °C
minimum durability: 3-5 years outdoors, with vertical exposure, in middle-European climate.
FDC 4300 Series is ASLAN C114

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