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8 oz Strip Mesh Pro Banner

Strip Mesh Plus is an 8 oz. PVC coated polyester mesh that comes with a PVC backing and is printable on one side with UV, solvent or screen printers.  The back-side of the mesh has a protective and air-tight backer which prevents ink spray through when printing and helps feed the material through the printer.  This backer may be easily peeled off after printing.  Strip Mesh Plus is best suited for front-lit signs and banners and allows 37% air-flow through.  This product is available without a PVC backer, called UltraMesh Plus.  Strip Mesh Plus is available in widths ranging from 54” – 126”.


SMP13705054″ X 164′737.0667 lbs
SMP16005063″ X 164′860.8083 lbs
SMP18305072″ X 164′984.5490 lbs
SMP20305080″ X 164′1092.14105 lbs
SMP25005098″ X 164′1345.00120 lbs
SMP320050126″ X 164′1721.60157 lbs—tds.pdf
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