3m Transit Wrap Graphic Film IJ46




3m Transit Wrap Graphic Film IJ46

3m Transit Wrap Graphic Film IJ46.
4 Mil Calendered Matte Scotchcal™ Changeable Graphic Film.
• Excellent imageability.
• Short term outdoor durability.
• Grey opaque, changeable adhesive, clean removability for quick change.
• Polycoated paper liner.
• Great for transit applications, King and Queens.
• 3M suggests laminating with 8508 or 8509.
• Print compatibility: Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV, Latex.–

Product Description

Product Features  4-mil matte white vinyl film
 Pressure-sensitive adhesive
 Changeable
B. Suggested Uses The user is responsible for determining the product’s suitability for the intended application.
This product should be used on a test-and-approve basis.
 Short-term promotional bus back and wrap graphics on transit vehicles
C. Expected Performance Life Expected Performance Life as a good faith estimate of how long the product may perform
satisfactorily based on 3M testing. Note, there is no warranty associated with this estimate.
1 year in a vertical orientation with typical usage
Note: 3M Product and Instruction Bulletins provide practical recommendations for using
this product in a way that maximizes performance, but using other 3M products or
procedures with this film does not change the terms of the warranty.
D. Important Information
About Bus Applications
Film used on buses must not be applied so as to restrict the safe use of emergency window
exits. See the most current version of Instruction Bulletin 5.4 for details

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