3M Scotchlite Reflective Series 680


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3M Scotchlite Reflective Series 680

3M Scotchlite Reflective Series 680
7 Mil Reflective Vinyl.
• The best cutting, weeding, and applying reflective vinyl available.
• Excellent conformability to simple curves.
• Engineering Grade Type 1.
• Up to 9 year durability with up to 7 year 3MTM MCSTM Warranty.
• Resists cracking in cold weather.
• Retains reflectivity when totally wet.
• Permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive.
• Retro-reflectivity values meet ASTM D-4956-11a, type 1.
• Do not wet apply.

Product Description
Scotchlite Plus 680 is a highly durable, flexible,
enclosed lens reflective sheeting designed for the
production of attractive multicoloured markings,
displays, signs, truck markings and other markings
which have the same appearance in the day-time
and at night even when viewed at side entrance
angles. This sheeting is intended for application to
flat surfaces with and without rivets and for use on
corrugated surfaces.
Key Features
• Similar daytime and nighttime appearance
• Excellent angularity
• Retains 90% of its retro-reflectivity when
totally wet
• Positionable, pressure-activated adhesive
• Available in 10 colours.
• 680-85 has a black daytime appearance but
reflects white at night
• Suitable for Screen printing and electrostatic
• Up to 8 years exterior warranty
• Unprocessed film resists fuel vapors or
occasional spills
* For piezo ink jet printing use IJ680-10
Applications and Uses
Film Series 680 is intended for making durable
graphics when used with the listed Compatible
Products in the following applications. These
applications are warranted by the 3M™ MCS™
• Commercial vehicle graphics, railway graphics,
commercial signs, and striping

Limitations of End Uses
We do not normally warrant other applications, but
please contact us to discuss your needs or let us
suggest other 3M products.
Specifically, we do not warrant this film for the
• Permanent, regulatory traffic signs
• 3M Commercial Graphics Division products are not
tested against automotive manufacturers’ specifications
and are, therefore, not warranted for use in fabricating
graphics for automotive Original Equipment
Manufacturers (OEM).
Product Line

Product Number Colour
680-10 White
680-14 Orange
680-64 Gold
680-71 Yellow
680-72 Red
680-75 Blue
680-77 Green
680-81 Lemon Yellow
680-82 Ruby Red
680-85 Black (reflects white)

680-76 Light Blue discontinued in UK Aug09
Custom colour matching is available on this product.
Contact the 3M Sales Office.
PB680UK-I Last Edit: August 2009
Last Print: 05/01/2010/Page 2 of 6
Compatible Products
Screen Printing Inks
3M™ Screen Printing Ink Series 1900
line and four colour
3M™ Scotchlite™ Screen Printing Ink Series 2900
line colour
3M™ Screen Printing UV Ink Series 9800
line colour and four colour
Screen Printing Graphic Protection Options
3M™ Screen Print Gloss Clear 1920DR
3M™ Screen Print Gloss Clear 9720UV
3M™ Screen Print UV Gloss Clear 9800CL
Electrostatic Imaging
Scotchprint® Toner Series 8700/8800 ES
3M™ Trident Transfer Media ES
Electrostatic Imaging Graphic Protection
3M™ Scotchcal™ Luster Overlaminate 8519
3M™ Scotchcal™ High Gloss, Graffiti Resistant
Overlaminate 8912 (not for use on rivets)
• Selected 3M application tapes
Main Characteristics
Property Description
Film Type Composite
Film Opacity Opaque
Adhesive type Pressure activated,
Adhesive colour Clear
Liner 94 pound, polyethylene-coated
Suitable application
Flat, moderately curved or
corrugated surfaces with or
without rivets
Suitable application
Aluminum, GRP, stainless
steel, paint
temperature range*
10º to 38ºC
flat surfaces without rivets
13º to 38ºC (45º to 100ºF)
flat, curved or corrugated
surfaces with rivets
*For applications nearing the minimum
temperature range, please contact your local
technical service representative to confirm
suitability of application
Other Characteristics
At a –4o
entrance angle and a 0.2o
observation angle,
unprinted film series 680 has the following typical
coefficient of retroreflection. It is expressed in
candlepower per foot-candle per square foot
(candela/lux/square meter) per ASTME 810.
The entrance angle is formed by a light beam striking the
surface at a point and at a line that is perpendicular to the
surface at the same point.
An observation angle is formed by the light beam striking
the reflective surface and returning to the observer. From
245 metres(800 feet), a motorist normally views a graphic
at a 0.2o

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