3M Scotchcal IJ39-20 High-Tack Graphic Film




3M Scotchcal IJ39-20 High-Tack Graphic Film

3M Scotchcal IJ39-20 High-Tack Graphic Film

Product Description
• For Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV and Latex Inkjet Printing and Screen Printing
• 3.5-mil calendered, vinyl film
Product Features
• Available in matte finish
• Pressure-sensitive adhesive
• Permanent
• Expected Performance Life of 5 years (unwarranted period for unprinted film with no graphic protection, applied to a flat, vertical, outdoor
Recommended Types of Graphics and End Uses
• Short to long-term, indoor and outdoor promotional graphics
• Low energy surfaces such as plastics (including polyethylene and polypropylene) and powder-coated paints
• Signs and labels


3M Scotchcal IJ39 High-Tack Graphic Film
3.5 Mil Calendered Matte White Vinyl Film
• Up to 5 year expected outdoor performance life
• Application types: powder coated paints, lowsurface energy plastics (including polyethylene and polypropylene), Motocross bikes, helmets
• Clear high tack permanent adhesive
• Polycoated paper liner
• 3M™ suggests laminating with 8508 or 8509
• Print compatibility: Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV, Latex, Screen Print—–

1. Product Description
A. Product Features  3.4-mil matte white vinyl film
 Pressure-sensitive adhesive
 Changeable
B. Suggested Uses The user is responsible for determining the product’s suitability for the intended application.
This product should be used on a test-and-approve basis.
 Short-term king and queen board promotional graphics on transit vehicles or box trucks
 Point-of-purchase displays
C. Expected Performance Life Expected Performance Life as a good faith estimate of how long the product may perform
satisfactorily based on 3M testing. Note, there is no warranty associated with this estimate.
1 year in a vertical exposure with typical usage
Note: 3M Product and Instruction Bulletins provide practical recommendations for using
this product in a way that maximizes performance, but using other 3M products or
procedures with this film does not change the terms of the warranty.
2. Characteristics
All values are typical for unprocessed film and are not for use in specifications. Contact your
3M representative for a custom specification.
A. Physical Characteristics Characteristic Value
Material Vinyl
Color White opaque
Finish Matte
Film thickness Without adhesive: 3.4 mil (0.86 mm)
With adhesive: 4.0 mil (0.102 mm)
Adhesive type Pressure-sensitive
Adhesive color Gray
Liner Polycoated paper
Flammability Call 1-800-328-3908 for information
B. Application Characteristics Characteristic Value
Finished graphic
Surface type:
Smooth, flat and simple curved surfaces
Substrate type:
Metal, rigid plastic and painted substrates
Application temperature: air and substrate
40 to 100F (4 to 38C)
Application method Dry
Finished graphic
exposure temperature
-30 to +200F (-34 to +93C )
Graphic removal Removable without heat (changeable)Product Bulletin PIJ36 – 2
3. Definitions
A. Exposure Types U.S. Vertical
face of graphic The face of the graphic is +/- 10 from vertical.
4. Warranty Information
A. Warranty Coverage
This film is covered by the 3M Basic Product Warranty. It has been tested and is believed to
be a good product when used as recommended in this Product Bulletin. However, there is
no assurance or guarantee for the following:
 printability.
 visual appearance.
 fitness for use.
 removability or changeability.
 damage to the substrate.
 durability.
B. 3M Basic Product Warranty The following is made in lieu of all other express or implied warranties, including any im­
plied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or implied warranty
arising out of a course of dealing, custom or usage of trade.
This 3M Product is warranted to be free of defects in materials and manufacture at the time
of shipment and to meet the specifications stated in this Product Bulletin and as further set
forth in the 3M Commercial Graphics Warranty Brochure.
C. Limited Remedy 3M will replace or refund the price of any 3M materials that do not meet this warranty with­
in the specified time periods. These remedies are exclusive.
D. Additional Limitations See the 3M Commercial Graphics Warranty Brochure at, which gives the
terms, additional limitations of the warranty, if any, and limitations of liability.
5. Limitation of Liability Except where prohibited by law, 3M SHALL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BE LIABLE
SERVICES. This limitation of liability applies regardless of the legal or equitable theory under
which such losses or damages are sought including breach of contract, breach of warranty,
negligence, strict liability, or any other legal or equitable theory.
6. Fabrication
A. All Printing Methods This film has been optimized to perform well with a variety of piezo inkjet printers and inks
as well as screen printing inks and processes. It is the graphic manufacturer’s responsibility
to determine the film’s suitability for use with their printers and inks.
To maximize the film performance:
 Use graphic protection. 3M™ Scotchcal™ Gloss Overlaminate 8508 or Luster
Overlaminate 8509 are cost-effective options for use with 3M’s intermediate graphic
 Thoroughly dry the ink and film or properly cure the ink before applying graphic protec­
tion, and before storing or installing a graphic.
 Always use the dry application method.
B. Inkjet Printing Only  Be aware that using sheeting film on a flat-bed inkjet printer may produce printing
 The typical maximum ink limit is 250%.
 If you are storing sheeted and stacked finished graphics for an extended period of time,
leave an unprinted margin (about 1/4 inch) to allow for possible shrinkage before
trimming the graphic.Product Bulletin PIJ36 – 3
7. Shelf Life, Storage and Shipping
A. Shelf Life Total shelf life: 2 years from the date of manufacture on the original box.
If you do process the film, do so within 1 year and apply within 1 year of processing.
(Example: If you process at month 6, apply by month 18.)
If you do not process the film, apply it within 2 years.
B. Storage Conditions  90F (32C) maximum
 Out of direct sunlight
 Clean, dry area
 Original container
 Bring the film to print room temperature before using
C. Shipping Finished Graphics Flat (may be separated by paper), or rolled printed side out on 5 inch (13 cm) or larger core.
This helps prevent the liner and, if used, the application tape from popping off.
8. Health and Safety
! CAUTION When handling any chemical products, read the manufacturers’ container labels and the
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for important health, safety and environmental inform­
ation. To obtain MSDS sheets for 3M products go to, or by mail or in case of
an emergency, call 1-800-364-3577 or 1-651-737-6501.
When using any equipment, always follow the manufacturers’ instructions for safe
9. 3M Related Literature Before starting any job, be sure you have the most current Product and Instruction
The information in 3M Product and Instruction Bulletins is subject to change. Current Bulletins are
available at The techniques described in these Bulletins are required when applying a
3M warranted graphic, but are also practical recommendations when using promotional materials for
non-warranted graphics. Additional Bulletins may be needed as indicated in the 3M Related Literature
section of other 3M components you use.
Bulletin types: PB = Product Bulletin; PB-IB = Product & Instruction Bulletin; IB = Instruction Bulletin
Subject Type Bulletin No.
3M Graphic Protection Products overview of all graphic protection products
and specific information on most overlaminates
Scoring and cutting IB 4.1
Hot and cold roll lamination IB 4.22
Using 3M application tapes; premasking and prespacing for films IB 4.3
Application, substrate selection, preparation and substrate-specific application
IB 5.1
Application, general procedures for indoor and outdoor dry applications IB 5.5
Storage, handling, maintenance, removal IB 6.5
3M Commercial Graphics Warranty Brochure go

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