3M™ Scotchcal™ Graphic Film with Comply™ v3 Adhesive IJ170Cv3




3M™ Scotchcal™ Graphic Film with Comply™ v3 Adhesive IJ170Cv3

3M™ Scotchcal™ Graphic Film with Comply™ v3 Adhesive IJ170Cv3
2 Mil Cast Semi-Gloss White Graphic Film with ComplyTM v3 Adhesive.
• 10 year outdoor durability.
• Pressure-sensitive adhesive with non-visible air-release channels for fast, easy, bubble-free installations.
• Polyethylene coated paper liner.
• Great for short to long-term removable fleet and vehicle graphics, as well as interior and exterior signs.
• 3M™ suggests laminating with 8518, 8519, or 8520.
• Print compatibility: Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV, Latex.––

3M™ Scotchcal™ Graphic Film
With Comply™ Version 3 Adhesive IJ170Cv3
For Piezo Inkjet Printing Only

Product Description
This flexible 50 micron film offers versatility with a pressure-sensitive adhesive and air release
channels for fast and easy, bubble-free graphic installations. This long‐term durable and removable
film has excellent hiding power and stability, making it a good choice for signs and fleet graphics
and watercraft, including surfaces with corrugations and rivets. Use for piezo inkjet printing.
Recommended Types of
Graphics and End Uses

• Indoor and outdoor graphics and signs, including point-of-purchase and displays
• Commercial vehicle and fleet graphics, emblems or striping
• Bus graphics
• Standard vehicle graphics

Compatible Products

Graphic Protection Options
• 3M™Scotchcal™ Overlaminate 8580
• 3M™Scotchcal™ Luster Overlaminate 8519
• 3M™Scotchcal™ Matte Overlaminate 8520
• 3M™Screen Print Gloss Clear 1920DR
• 3M™Screen Print Clear UV 9800CL
Other Products
• 3M™ Premasking Tape SCPM-19
• 3M™ Premasking Tape SCPM-44X
• 3M™ Prespacing Tape SCPS-55
• 3M™ Edge Sealer 3950
These are typical values for unprocessed product. Processing may change the values.
Contact your 3M representative for a custom specification.

Physical Characteristics Characteristic Value
Vinyl, cast

Film Colour White, opaque
Thickness without adhesive 50 μm (0.05 mm)
Thickness with adhesive 80-100 μm (0.08-0.10 mm)
Adhesive Pressure-sensitive with air release channels
Adhesive Colour Grey
Liner Polyethylene-coated paper
Adhesion FTMI, Typical
24 hours after

Substrate Adhesion
Fruehauf prepainted panels
Tensile strength 22N/25mm at 23oC

• Resists mild alkalis, mild acids, and salt
• Excellent resistance to water (does not include immersion)

Product Bulletin: UK IJ170/Page 2 of 3/
Last Edit: 14Jul11/Last Print: 14/06/2011
Application Characteristics Characteristic Value
Finished graphic

Surface type: Flat, with and without rivets, simple curves,
moderate compound curves, and corrugations
Substrate type: ABS resins, aluminum, chrome, glass, fiberglass
reinforced plastics, paint (check adhesion to powder-coated or
water-based paints)
Application temperature:
• Flat surfaces without rivets: 4°-29°C
• Curved or corrugated surfaces with rivets: 10°-29°C
• Compound curves and/or watercraft: 16°-29°C
Application method: Dry
Applied shrinkage <0.4 mm
Temperature range
after application

60° to +107°C

Graphic removal Removable with heat and/or chemicals from most substrates within
the warranty period at 10°C minimum (air and substrate).

Unprocessed film
The vertical outdoor durability of these films is 8 years. This statement is given for unprocessed
white film.

Since graphic durability is largely determined by the climate, the durability stated is based on
average middle European exposure conditions. It may vary according to the geographic location of
the application. For further information refer to: for details about
3M™ Performance Guarantee.

Factors that Affect
Graphic Performance

The actual performance life of a graphic is affected by all of the following.
• The combination of graphics materials used
• Selection, condition and preparation of the substrate
• Surface texture
• Application methods
• Angle and direction of sun exposure
• Environmental conditions
• Cleaning or maintenance methods

Limitations of End Uses 3M specifically does not recommend or warrant the following uses, but please contact us to discuss
your needs or recommend other products.

Unsuitable End Uses
for This Film

• Graphics applied to:
– stainless steel
– non-3M films (see Removal Warranty)
– watercraft when the graphic is below the static water line
– watercraft graphics that are not edge sealed
– painted substrates with poor paint to substrate, or paint-to-paint bond
– substrate surfaces that are not clean and smooth (little or no variation in texture)
• For film with Comply v3 adhesive only: Do not use prespacing tape in cut and
weeded applications where the tape must adhere to the exposed liner.
• Film without graphic protection
– vehicle graphics
– watercraft graphics
– exposure to abrasive conditions, harsh cleaners or chemicals
• Graphic removal from:
– applications with poor paint-to-substrate adhesion
– existing graphics that must remain intact; damage may occur during removal of film
– watercraft
• Graphics subjected to gasoline vapors or spills, including those at or on gas pumps,
automobile fuel-tank ports, watercraft or top-feeding, petroleum tankers
• Graphics made for automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

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