3M Scotchcal Graphic Film 3690-10 White


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3M Scotchcal Graphic Film 3690 10 White
Use this premium film to screen print permanent, multicolor graphics and original equipment manufacturer’s decorative and identification graphics. This durable, long term white film has a white kraft paper liner and gray, pressure-sensitive adhesive for good hiding power.

Scotchcal™ Graphic Film
Series 3690 and 3690LF
For Solvent or UV Screen Printing Only
1. Product Description
A. Product Features • 2-mil opaque film
• Available in white and black and clear (3690LF-114 only)
• Aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive with gray pigment for good hiding power
• Film 3690LF features a layflat liner
• Adheres well to sand cast, moderately rough surfaces and some low surface energy
• Suitable for severe weather and handling conditions encountered by commercial and
industrial graphics
• Permanent film
B. Recommended Types of
Graphics and End Uses
When constructed and used as described in this Bulletin, these types of graphics and end
uses may be warranted by the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty. Please read the entire Bulletin for
• Multicolor graphics including labels, emblems, and striping
• Small format original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) decorative and identification
graphics, cautionary, safety and vandal-resistant labeling
C. Performance Overview 3M tests the performance of both individual products and finished graphic constructions. This
table shows the best performance expected from this product without a Warranty Period and
with a Warranty Period.
For detailed graphic construction and application options along with specific Warranty
Periods, please see the Warranty Information, Section 5
Expected Performance Life. This is the estimated period of time the product should perform satisfactorily.
Unprinted film with no graphic protection, applied to a flat vertical outdoor surface in a non-abusive
10 years
Unwarranted Period
3M™ MCS™ Warranty. This is the maximum period of time 3M will warrant the finished graphic performance.
Printed film with the best 3M ink and graphic protection option, applied to a flat, vertical surface. 7 years
Warranty Period
D. Limitations of End Uses This 3M product is not designed or recommended for the following uses. Please contact us to
discuss other options.
(1) Unsuitable End Uses for This
• Applications to corrugated surfaces
• Graphics regularly subjected to gasoline vapors or spills
2. Compatible Products The following products are approved by 3M for use with the base film covered in this Bulletin
and used for the creation of a graphic that may be eligible for the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty.
Click on the blue underlined text, later in this Bulletin for more information about the compatible
(1) 3M Inks • 3M™ Screen Printing Ink Series 1900 line color and four color
• 3M™ Screen Printing UV Ink Series 9800 line color and four color
Product Bulletin 3690/3690LF – 2
(2) Graphic Protection • 3M™ Screen Print Gloss Clear 1920DR
• 3M™ Screen Print Low Gloss Clear 1930
• 3M™ Screen Print UV Gloss Clear 9740i
• 33M™ Screen Print UV Matte Clear 9730UV
• 3M™ Screen Print UV Gloss Clear 9800CL
(3) OEM Inks and Clears
For OEM graphics only!
• Sericol™ Duracal™ UV Screen Print Inks
• Sericol™ Duracal™ Screen Print Clear (approved for OEM applications only)
To identify a Sericol inks distributor, contact FUJIFILM® North America Corporation, Graphic
Systems Division at;
1101 W. Cambridge Drive, Kansas City, KS 66103; Tel: 1-800-255-4562 or 913-342-4060.
(4) Other Products • 3M™ Premasking Tape SCPM-3
• 3M™ Premasking Tape SCPM-44X
• 3M™ Prespacing Tape SCPS-2
• 3M™ Prespacing Tape SCPS-53X
3. Characteristics These are typical values for unprocessed product; processing may change the values.
Contact your 3M representative for a custom specification.
A. Physical Characteristics Characteristic Value
Material Vinyl, cast
Color 3690-10, 3690LF-10: White
3690-12, 3690LF-12: Black
3690LF-114: Clear
Thickness Without adhesive: 2 mils (0.05 mm)
With adhesive: 3 to 4 mils (0.08 to 0.10 mm)
Adhesive type Pressure sensitive
Adhesive color 3690-10, -12 and 3690LF-10, -12: Gray-pigmented adhesive
3690LF-114: Clear adhesive
Liner 3690-10, -12: white kraft paper
3690LF-10, -12, -114: polyethylene-coated layflat paper
Tensile strength
5 pounds/inch at 73°F (0.9 kg/cm at 23°C)
24 hours after application
Note: The adhesive
becomes more aggressive
as the surface
temperature increases.
ABS: 5 pounds/inch (0.9 kg/cm)
Acrylic enamel: 5 pounds/inch (0.9 kg/cm)
Aluminum, anodized: 6 pounds/inch (1.1 kg/cm)
Aluminum, etched: 5 pounds/inch (0.9 kg/cm)
Chrome: 5 pounds/inch (0.9 kg/cm)
Fiberglass: 5 pounds/inch (0.9 kg/cm)
Powder coat paint: 3-6 pounds/inch (0.5-1.1 kg/cm)
value can vary greatly; contact your 3M representative to arrange
for 3M to test your substrate
Chemical resistance Resists mild acids, mild alkalis, and salts.
Excellent resistance to water (does not include immersion)

3690-10 White, 24 in x 100 yd
3M ID 75345580189 UPC# 00051128187876
3690-10 White, 6 inch core, 48 in x 200 yd
3M ID 75347257224 UPC# 00051115896705
3690-10 White, 24 in x 150 yd
3M ID 75346625991 UPC# 00051128294734
3690-10 White, 30 in x 50 yd
3M ID 75347257950 UPC# 00051128948385
3690-10 White, 24 in x 50 yd
3M ID 75303690012 UPC# 00051128090695
3690-10 White, 6 inch core, 24 in x 100 yd
3M ID 75347251532 UPC# 00051128926451
3690-10 White, 6 inch core, 24 in x 200 yd
3M ID 75347257240 UPC# 00051128948019
3690-10 White, Miscellaneous Sizes
3M ID 75000012304
3690-10 White, 6 inch core, 48 in x 100 yd
3M ID 75347205967 UPC# 00051128815977
3690-10 White, 24 in x 36 in Sheets, 50/Pkg
3M ID 75345572277 UPC# 00051128093160
3690-10 White, 36 in x 50 yd
3M ID 75303690020 UPC# 00051128090701
3690-10 White, 48 in x 50 yd
3M ID 75303690038 UPC# 00051128090718

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