3M 8991 Scotchguard Graphic and Surface Protection Film




3M 8991 Scotchguard Graphic and Surface Protection Film

3M 8991 Scotchguard Graphic and Surface Protection Film
4 Mil High Gloss Polyester Cold Overlaminate.
• Up to 3 year durability.
• Provides resistance to many types of accidental and intentional stains, graffiti, abrasion, gouging, and UV light.
• Easier to clean than traditional overlaminates.
• Provides graphic or substrate protection on smooth, flat, or simple curved surfaces.
• Interior or exterior graphics and signs.
• Commercial vehicle or fleet graphics and emblems.

Description Scotchgard™ Graphic and Surface Protection Film 8991 and the removable version,
8991R, are clear, tough, polyester overlaminates that provide resistance to many types of
accidental and intentional stains, graffiti, and abrasion, gouging and UV light. They are also
easier to clean than traditional overlaminates. Film 8991R is removable without heat from
many surfaces.
Applications and End Uses
• Buildings & Walls, Displays, Labels, Opaque Signs, Other Signs (Opaque Signs), Public transport, Trucks and trailers, Vehicles & Transportation, Walls, Windows, Windows & Glass
• Provide graphic or substrate protection on smooth, flat or simple curved surfaces.
• Interior or exterior graphics and signs
• Commercial vehicle or fleet graphics and emblems
• Substrate and surface protection
Limitations of End Uses We do not normally warrant other applications, but please contact us to discuss your needs
or let us suggest other 3M products.
Specifically, we do not recommend or warrant these surface protection films for the
• Cut film graphics, which may show entrapped air under the protection film
• Banners or other flexible substrates
• Painted or unpainted gypsum wall board
• Painted surfaces with poor paint-to-substrate adhesion, or uncured paint
• Graphics printed with solvent-based inks including solvent-based piezo inkjet inks
• Substrates that outgas such as polycarbonates, fiberglass and fresh paint. (See 3M
Instruction Bulletin 5.1 for an outgassing test.)
• Porous or unsealed surfaces such as concrete
• Vandalism or excessive product abuse such as cutting or gouging or resulting damage
to the substrate
• Application over rivets: rivets must be cut around
• Using film 8991 (permanent version) where removability may be needed
• Using film 8991R (removable) where removability is needed from printed or unprinted
graphic film (it will not remove)
• Gasoline vapors or spills if allowed to penetrate the edges of the graphic
• Graphics made for automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM); contact 3M
Automotive Division at 1-800-328-1684 for alternatives.
Compatible Substrates Please refer to the Product Bulletin for the base film to determine compatibility.
• Most smooth graphic films, solid color or imaged, and without a clear coat applied
• Smooth, untextured surfaces such as plastics, painted metals, countertop laminate or
laminated wallboardProduct Bulletin 8991- 2
Characteristics Characteristic Description
Film Transparent polyester
Gloss High gloss
Thickness Without adhesive: 4 mil (0.10 mm)
With adhesive: 5.3 to 5.7 mils (0.13 mm to 0.14 mm)
Adhesive type and color 8991: Permanent, pressure sensitive, clear
8991R: Removable, pressure sensitive, clear
Liner Polycoated paper
application surfaces
Flat, smooth, untextured; simple curves
Application temperature
50° to 90°F (10°to 32°C)
Removal 8991: Permanent
8991R: Removable without heat (most substrates); removal not
Applied shrinkage 5 mil (0.13 mm)
In use temperature range -65° to +225°F (-54° to +107°C)
Chemical resistance Resists most organic solvents and fluids; mild alkalis, mild acids
and salt.
Flammability Test Method Film
ASTM E84 8991 Flame Spread Index = 5 Class 1 Rating
Smoke Developed Index = 65
ASTM E-162 8991 Flame Spread Index = 0.0
Flame spread is non-existent
Surface flammability of materials using a radiant heat source
ASTM E662 8991 Specific optical density of smoke generated by solid materials.
Specific Optical Density (Ts)
Time 1.5 min. 4.0 min.
Flaming: 0.08 0.28
Non-flaming: 0.03 0.03
NFPA259 8991R Heat release per unit mass. Potential heat in BTU/LB is 24615
No Required Level
FMVSS302 8991R Burn resistance of materials used in motor vehicles. Passed test
on aluminum and glass; neither ignited.
SMP800-C 8991R Bombardier test method for toxic gas generation by materials on
combustion. Passed detected levels of the gases tested are less
than the required limit or less than detectable.
BS476: Part 7 8991 Fire tests on building materials and structures; surface flame
spread. Passed Category II Trains.

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