3M 8580




3M 8580

1.2 Mil Cast Scotchcal™ Gloss Cold Overlaminate.
This 1.2 mil gloss cast conformable overlaminate provides durable physical and ultraviolet light protection when used as recommended with IJ380Cv3 ControltacTM Wrap Film. Apply by cold roll lamination.
• 1.2 mil gloss cast overlaminate – New 3M™ cast film technology.
• Up to 7 year outdoor durability.
• Designed specifically for wraps.
• Unmatched conformability and lifting resistance.
• Provides protection from moisture, abrasion, and UV.
• Kraft paper liner.
• Use with IJ380Cv3.–&fn=8580_Overlaminate%5B1%5D.pdf

Product Description
3M™ Scotchcal™ Overlaminate 8580 is a thin,
extremely flexible film providing high conformability
for applications onto recesses and deep channels. It
provides additional ultraviolet and durable physical
protection for selected graphic constructions.

Recommended End Uses
3M™ Scotchcal™ Overlaminate 8580 is intended for
providing graphic protection to digitally imaged
graphics made with 3M™ Controltac™ Plus Graphic
Film IJ380.

Limitation of end use
We do not normally warrant other applications, but
please contact us to discuss your needs or let us
suggest other 3M products.
Specifically, we do not warrant this film when used on
graphics made for automotive Original Equipment
Manufacturers (OEM).
Property Description
Film Clear vinyl
Basis Weight (film
and adhesive)
60 g/m²
Gloss Gloss
Adhesive type and
Pressure sensitive, clear
Liner 120 g/m² paper
Service temperature
-60°C to 107°C
• Resists mild alkalis,
mild acids and salt
• Excellent resistance to
• Resists petroleum
Note: This information is subject to change. These
values are typical for unprinted film and are not
intended for use in specifications. Be sure this is the
most current Product Bulletin. See 3M Related
Literature at the end of this bulletin.
The cold roll lamination method must be used when
applying Overlaminate 8580 to Graphic Film IJ380.

Proper ink drying after printing is very important to
minimize the risk of film lifting in recesses.
It is recommended to allow a minimum of 24 hours
after printing before laminating the graphics with
3M™ Scotchcal™ 8580 Overlaminate film.

Important Note:
Care must be taken not to create tension in the
overlaminate during the laminating process. Tension
will cause the flexible 8580 to stretch, especially at
higher ambient temperatures. This could result in the
graphic construction lifting when applied into deep

Effective Performance Life
Performance statements are based upon representative
experience obtained from testing throughout Europe.
Actual performance will be determined by substrate
selection and preparation, maintenance of the marking
and the extremes of exposure conditions.

Warranted Durability
The 3M™ MCS™ warranty statement for 3m™
Scotchcal™ Overlaminate 8580 is based on the
combination with 3M™ Controltac™ Plus Graphic
Film IJ380
Shelf Life, Storage, and Shipping
Activity Recommendation
Shelf life 2 years after receipt from
Storage conditions • Out of sunlight (Temp.
< 38°C)
• Clean dry area
• Original container
Shipping finished
Flat, or rolled printed side
out on 13 cm or larger
this helps prevent the
liner and application tape
from wrinkling or popping

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Last print 15/10/2007 Last edit:4Oct07

3M Related Literature
Listed below is related 3M Technical Literature which
may be of interest:

Subject Product
3M™ Controltac™
Plus Graphic Film
Series IJ380
Cold roll lamination 4.22
Application of IJ380 5.41
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and sheeting’s

Important Notice to Purchaser
The 3M products described in this publication are
covered by a 3M warranty and limitation of liability.
3M’s warranty provides that if 3M finds that goods are
defective in material or workmanship they will be
replaced or the price refunded at 3M’s option but note
that 3M does not accept liability for other direct losses
(except for personal injury or death) or consequential
losses relating to defective products or from
information supplied by 3M.
Purchasers and users of 3M products, and not 3M
supplying companies, are always solely responsible
for deciding on the suitability of the 3M product for
their required or intended use.
Technical Assistance
For help on specific questions relating to 3M
Commercial Graphics Division Products, contact your
local Technical Service Representative.
Commercial Graphics Department
3M United Kingdom PLC
3M Centre, Cain Road, Bracknell
Berkshire, RG12 8HT
Tel: 01344 857850
Fax: 01344 857939

Sales Assistance
Commercial Graphics Department 3M United Kingdom PLC
3M House, 28 Great Jackson Street
Manchester, M15 4PA
Tel: (0161) 237 6394
Free Fax: (0800) 378127

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