3M 40C-114R CLEAR 3 MIL 7YR


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3M 40C-114R CLEAR 3 MIL 7YR

3M 40C-114R CLEAR 3 MIL 7YR
3M 40C-114R CLEAR 3 MIL 7 YR

3M 40C replaces IJ40C.  Now with all the same benefits as before including 3 mil calendered and Comply/air egress, but also now with Contoltac/slideability.

3M IJ40C-10R & IJ40C-20R
3 Mil Polymeric Calendered Vinyl Gloss or Matte White ScotchcalTM Graphic Film with ComplyTM Adhesive.
• Up to 7 year expected outdoor performance life.
• Multi-purpose: general sign, POP, walls, windows, vehicle graphics, floors, and more.
• Grey opaque removable adhesive with air release.
• Polycoated layflat paper liner.
• 3M™ suggests laminating with 8508 or 8509.
• Print compatibility: Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV, Latex, Screen Print.

Product Flammability Information

Scotchcal Graphic Film
with Comply Adhesive
IJ40C-10R and IJ40C-20R
For Inkjet Printing with Solvent, UV and Latex Inks and Screen Printing
1. Product Description
A. Product Features  3-mil vinyl films
 Available in gloss and matte finishes
 Pressure-sensitive adhesive with Comply™ Adhesive for fast, easy bubble-free
 Removable
B. Suggested Uses The user is responsible for determining the product’s suitability for the intended application.
This product should be used on a test-and-approve basis.
 General intermediate signage for outdoor and indoor applications
 Interior and exterior building windows and dividers
 Indoor floor and carpet graphics
 Vehicle graphics on flat or simple curved areas
C. Expected Performance Life Expected Performance Life is a good faith estimate of how long the product may perform
satisfactorily based on 3M testing. Note, there is no warranty associated with this estimate.
Most General Signage: 7 years in a vertical exposure with typical usage.
Indoor Floor Graphics: 1 year when protected by 3M™ Scotchcal™ Luster Overlaminate
3645 and used in a horizontal indoor exposure with typical usage.
Indoor Floor and Carpet Graphics: 3 months when protected by 3M™ Scotchcal™ High
Gloss Overlaminate 3648 or 3M™ Scotchcal™ Luster Overlaminate 8509 and used in a
horizontal indoor exposure with typical usage.
Note: 3M Product and Instruction Bulletins provide practical recommendations for using
this product in a way that maximizes performance, but using other 3M products or
procedures with this film does not change the terms of the warranty.
D. These Uses are Not
 Do not use on any vehicle window (i.e., regulated or non-regulated vehicle windows).
 Application to substrates with coatings such as anti­reflection and scratch resistance;
such coatings may be damaged during film removal.
(1) Be Aware of All Laws
and Regulations
Some countries have laws or regulations requiring minimum light transmission that may
limit or preclude the use of this product on windows. The user is responsible for
determining and complying with all applicable standards.
E. Floor Graphics and
Carpet Graphics
Floor and carpet graphics are for use on indoor floors only. They require the use of
overlaminate 3645, 3648 or 8509, which provides a slip-resistant surface.
When applying graphics to carpet, it is solely the user’s responsibility to be aware of and
comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design, which
includes but is not limited to:
302.2 Carpet. Carpet or carpet tile shall be securely attached and shall have a firm
cushion, pad, or backing or no cushion or pad. Carpet or carpet tile shall have a level
loop, textured loop, level cut pile, or level cut/uncut pile texture. Pile height shall be
1/2 in (13 mm) maximum. Exposed edges of carpet shall be fastened to floor surfaces
and shall have trim on the entire length of the exposed edge.

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