18 oz Banner Material Outdoor Blockout LTX




18 oz Banner Material Outdoor Blockout LTX

Outdoor Blockout LTX is a heavy duty blockout banner material for both  indoor and outdoor applications.  Its unique construction provides strength and stability under harsh weather conditions. Outdoor Blockout LTX is designed for two-sided applications and is one of the few blockouts in the market that can be printed double sided on Latex devices.  Both sides of the material have a matte finish and are compatible with eco-solvent, latex, solvent and UV inks.  This product is available in widths ranging from 38” to 196”.


OBLTX0965035Matte38″ X 115′363.4240 lbs
OBLTX0965050Matte38″ X 164′519.1780 lbs
OBLTX137050Matte54″ X 164′737.06110 lbs
OBLTX152050Matte60″ X 164′817.76118 lbs
OBLTX160050Matte63″ X 164′860.80125 lbs
OBLTX203050Matte80″ X 164′1092.14165 lbs
OBLTX264050Matte104″ X 164′1420.32215 lbs
OBLTX320050Matte126″ X 164′1721.60245 lbs
OBLTX500050Matte196″ X 164′2690.00410 lbs–tds.pdf

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