3 Feet Wide

The VAIL-120DB is a double-sided extrusion with a profile width of 120mm (4.7in.). This extrusion has a solid outside finish and is just as thick as the VAIL-120D. This display is easy to mount on the wall because it is lightweight, but can also hand overhead or stand independently. Vail-120DB is especially good for edge-lights since its spine is shorter, holding the lights very close to the graphic’s edges. When installing the fabric graphic, the silicone beading can fit slightly more than 12mm (.47in.) deep and 3mm (.11in) wide into the silicone beading trough. This extrusion is compatible with edge-lights or ladder lights (can be back-lit).
120mm (4.7in.) wide aluminum profile
Double-sided graphic display

Free standing display
Wall mount display
LED Light Box
Suspended display

Bottom mount aluminum foot
Side mount aluminum foot
Edge Lit LED Lights
Ladder LED Lights
Tool free option

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