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We offer you the broadest selection of flooring & grating available anywhere to give you unlimited advantages simplicity of construction, permanent strength and rigidity, high skid resistance, corrosion resistance, easy maintenance, opening for air and light.In addition, we offer assistance in planning and floor layout – plus help in fabrication and everything needed. And your special floor requirements can be custom fabricated (including cut-outs, etc.) – and delivered as a complete package ready for easy placement.

Conforms to ASTM A-786
4-Way® Plate
Medium Pattern
This tough, rolled steel floor plate with raised lug pattern provides plenty of traction for feet and wheels. The attractive design permits free drainage and easy maintenance since there are no pockets to collect dirt and grease and no pores to absorb liquids. Easy to fabricate and install. (West Coast plants stock U.S.S. MultiGrip®.)
4-Way® Plate
Large Pattern
4-Way® Plate Dimensions

3003/5086-H34/6061-T6: Available in bright reflective finish and mill finish. Raised lugs are on approximately 1″ centers. Opposite side is smooth.
Diamond Tread
Aluminum Plate
  Stainless Diamond
Floor Plate


Slip-Not – Plate

Durable grains of aluminum oxide are rolled right into the surface of SLIP-NOT carbon steel plate. The result: a long-wearing, textured, slip-resistant surface; both wet and dry. SLIP-NOT is the only rolled floor plate classified slip-resistant by Underwriteres Laboratories. It meets current and pending slip-resistant criteria published by OSHA. Base material: 1/8″ HR steel. 3/16″ and heavier ASTM A283 Gr. A.


Steel – Alum.

RY-TREAD closed surface design is used widely for ramps, walkways and stairways. The raised perforated buttons provide a slip-resistant, self-cleaning surface that’s comfortable under foot. Stocked in flat sheet and channels in pickled and oiled steel and available pre-galvanized, painted, and also stainless and aluminum. Also available in “button hole” sheets with 5″ straight row centers for applications requiring through drainage of liquids.

Steel – Alum.

RY-GRIP Grating features upset perforated buttons to assure slip-resistant contact for safe footing in any direction. As the buttons wear, new edges continually present a gripping action, so the slip-resistance never “wears out” and it offers a self-cleaning surface that substantially eliminates the hazard of water, oil or dirt accumulation on the surface, while letting plenty of light and air through. Applications include catwalks, platforms, stair treads, conveyors, and raised floors.
Walkway Channel

…conforms to OSHA requirements with 5″ toe boards on both sides of channel which prevent tools and other materials from falling over the edge. Ideal for use in above-ground applications like conveyors, suspended walkways and catwalks around machinery and other equipment. Walkway channels are shipped complete and ready to install. One piece design makes them economical substitutes for other grating materials, eliminates need for separate toe boards and reduces installation costs. Layout and erection is fast – channels are readily bolted or welded in place and can be cut easily at the job site using standard tools. Channels are available in 11 or 13 gauge pre-galvanized or unfinished steel 24″, 30″ or 36″ wide x 10 or 12 feet long.

Conforms to Specifications RR-G-661b and MIL-G-18014.

Ry-Weld Open Bar Grating
Steel – Alum. – S.S.

Bearing bars and cross bars are joined by automatic forge-welding machines which control heat, pressure and electric current. Result: sturdy, one-piece grating with flush top surface. Ry-Weld grating is widely used for walkways, fire escapes, floors, decks, etc. Available plain, painted, galvanized or vinyl coated, regular or with serrated edges, spiral-drawn or smooth round cross bars.

Ry-Wedg aluminum grating is especially designed to offer high strength-to-weight ratio, minimum deflection, ease of installation and maximum safety. Made from 6061-T6 or 6063-T6 and 6063-T5 aluminum alloys, it is rust-proof and corrosion resistant. Available in a variety of sizes, plain or serrated, or fabricated to order.

Ry-Weld heavy-duty steel grating is of all welded one-piece construction. Hexagonal cross bar are electro-forged into top surface of bearing bars. Used as covers for trenchers, pits, floor openings or whenever heavy loadings prevail. Ry-Weld heavy-duty steel grating is available in bearing thicknesses of _”, 5/16″ and 3/8″, and in depths from 1″ to 6″, in a variety of standard patterns, plain or serrated. Other spacings available on request. Write for informative bulletin.


Ry-Diamond® is a one piece, plank type grating similar to Grip Strut®. Its slip-resistant open diamond patterns, serrated surface and load supporting characteristics offer an excellent choice where light weight strength are required. Virtually maintenance free. Slip resistance conforms to Federal Spec. RRG-1602. Stocked in pre-galvanized and aluminum and also available in pickled and oiled steel and stainless steel T-316.

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