Download X-Rite Printer Profiles

Below are the X-Rite Printer Profiles, sorted by Printer.

Installing media profiles for Onyx PosterShop/ProductionHouse

  1. Extract the profile (.OML) from downloaded Zip file.
  2. In Onyx RipQueue, select your printer and click “Configure Printer.”
  3. Select the Media tab and click on the Import button. Browse to the extracted .OML file. A dialog will appear which allows you to choose the media. Select the media and choose Import.
  4. The media profile will then be available for use.
  5. The correct printer driver settings such as resolution, pass count, heater settings, print direction, etc. will be automatically set to optimal settings for use with this profile.
  6. Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 – UltraChrome GS – CMYKcmOG
    35HGWHTCAL GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    200GPAPER GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    35HGWHTCALXXPG GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    35MATCAL GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    35MATCALXXPG GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    6GWHTCAL GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    6MATCAL GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    6MPOPUP GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    9GLOSSBACKLIT GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    9MATTEBACKLIT GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    CALTRANS GS6000 ONX BL.OML Download
    CLEARCAL GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    CSTATICCLING GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    GLOSS13BAN GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    GWHTCAL GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    GWHTCALXXPG GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    MATCAL GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    MATCAL TINT GS6000 720.OML Download
    MATCALAR GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    REFLECTIVE GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    SATINCAN GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    SIDEWALK GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    WALLGRAPHIX GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    WHTCAL GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    WHTCAL TINT GS6000 720.OML Download
    WHTCALAR GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    WSTATICCLING GS6000 ONX 720 Download
    Epson SureColor 30670
    6MPOPUP SC30 ONX 720X1440 Download
    8GLOSSPHOTO SC30 ONX 720X1440 Download
    CALTRANS SC30 ONX 720X1440 Download
    GLOSS13BAN SC30 ONX 720X1440 Download
    GWHTCAL SC30 ONX 720X1440 Download
    HP DesignJet L25500 42” – CMYKcm
    35HGWHTCAL HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    200GPAPER HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    35HGWHTCALXXPG HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    35MATCAL HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    35MATCALXXPG HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    WALLGRAPHIX HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    6GWHTCAL HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    6MATCAL HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    9GLOSSBACKLIT HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    9MATTEBACKLIT HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    9POPUP HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    CALTRANS HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    CSTATICCLING HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    GLOSS13BAN HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    GWHTCAL HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    GWHTCALXXPG HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    MATCAL HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    MATCAL TINT HPL25500 ONX 600.OML Download
    MATCALAR HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    REFLECTIVE HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    SATINCAN HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    SIDEWALK HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    WHTCAL HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    WHTCAL TINT HPL25500 ONX 600.OML Download
    WHTCALAR HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    WSTATICCLING HPL25500 42 600.OML Download
    HP DesignJet L25500 60” – HP 789 – CMYKcm
    200GPAPER HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    35HGWHTCAL HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    35HGWHTCALXXPG HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    35MATCAL HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    35MATCALXXPG HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    6GWHTCAL HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    6MATCAL HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    9GLOSSBACKLIT HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    9MATTEBACKLIT HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    9POPUP HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    CALTRANS HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    CSTATICCLING HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    GLOSS13BAN HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    GWHTCAL HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    GWHTCALXXPG HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    MATCAL HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    MATCAL TINT HPL25500 ONX 600.OML Download
    MATCALAR HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    REFLECTIVE HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    SATINCAN HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    SIDEWALK HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    WALLGRAPHIX HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    WHTCAL HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    WHTCAL TINT HPL25500 ONX 600.OML Download
    WHTCALAR HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    WSTATICCLING HPL25500 60 600.OML Download
    HP DesignJet L26500 61” – HP 792 – CMYKcm
    6MPOPUP HPL26500 ONX 600 Download
    8GLOSSPHOTO HPL26500 ONX 600 Download
    GLASSETCHSILVER HPL26500 ONX 600 Download
    GLOSS13BAN HPL26500 ONX 600 Download
    GWHTCAL HPL26500 ONX 600 Download
    KJ6MPOPUP HPL26500 ONX 600 Download
    KJWP9BACKLIT HPL26500 ONX 600 Download
    KJWPPOLYPROP HPL26500 ONX 600 Download
    MESH8 HPL26500 ONX 600 Download
    WALLFABRIC HPL26500 ONX 600 Download
    SOL13PETGRAY HPL26500 ONX 600 Download
    SOL14FABRICPOPUP HPL26500 ONX 600 Download
    SOL8BACKLIT HPL26500 ONX 600 Download
    SOL9TEXPOPUP HPL26500 ONX 600 Download



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